Inspired by @nantea and literally everyone else
  1. Jim and Pam
    My OG, #1, all time favorite. I loved their friendship, I loved their relationship, I loved their engagement, I loved their wedding, and I even loved season 9 when they were going through a hard time. I loved watching them and I loved that they never gave up on each other. This is also some of the best casting, such amazing chemistry.
  2. Rory and Jess
    I liked Dean and Logan when they had their time as the good guys, but something about Jess and Rory together always made my heart sore. The hardest part of watching them was knowing they were never in the same place at the same time, but they always pushed each other and they always believed in each other. Jess always challenged Rory and supported her dreams and Rory always knew Jess was destined for great things. Their lack of storyline in the revival broke my hearts.
  3. Cory and Topanga
    This couple is just a classic. I love rewatching early seasons of Boy Meets World and watching their relationship grow. They had their moments of silliness and their stupid fights, but what was truly beautiful about watching their relationship was the fact that they always fought for and stood by their love even when they were young.
  4. Leslie and Ben
    I just rewatched the episode where Leslie wins the City Council election and Ben tells her, as she's about to give her victory speech, that he never wrote her a concession speech. And I cried. I loved watching these two together. Leslie Knope is an intensely passionate person, and Ben never tries to change it. He supports it. And Leslie supports him and his dreams and dorkyness is return. And they like each other and they love each other and it's beautiful!!