I first dyed my hair after my 6th grade graduation. Ever since then I consistently put hair dye in my hair. I don't think I've had my hair my natural color (and my natural hair color alone) since I was in elementary school so I might miss a few. Here's a look at all the good and the bad.
  1. Pink but more red to be honest
    My sister did it for me while my mom was at work so my mom couldn't say no (this is literally the most rebellious thing I've done). I did on the bottom layer of my hair (which is a terrible trend I continued for years until I discovered that ombré life). We bleached it and then put a demi permanent pink and it looked red and I loved it ?¿
  2. Lighter brown/blonde/ a bleached mistake
    FOR SOME REASON, 11 and 12 year old me was like let me continue to bleach true bottom layer of my hair that sound like a good idea!! (spoiler alert: NOPE)
  3. One of those "black cherry" type colors
    I wanted my hair to be red so bad but I was too scared (and I'm glad I was too scared because red hair is no joke). I actually really loved it. Some parts were lighter due to that bleach thing I was such a fan of. But not a bad choice little me
  4. Brown with some sort of red tint or undertone to it
    I liked the other color but the. I started to go through a phase where I wanted my hair lighter. It looked really red in the sun so I was all about it.
  5. Green ombré
    The coolest thing I've ever done to my hair (and probably will ever do again). I adored this. The only thing is it washed out so quickly that I never felt like redoing it.
  6. That regular blonde ombré
    Since my hair is so dark, I had to bleach it before I dyed it green and after that I was like I think I'll keep it. This is the color I've had most often, and if I was ever sick of any other hair color is just go back to this one. ALSO: that filter tho
  7. Brown
    I for some reason wanted to go back to my natural hair color for a while (it might have been a little bit lighter than my natural hair color but pretty close). It was there for a little while and I like it but I'm always bored with it, ya know? (and wow at that green eyeshadow what was tho who was I)
  8. Blonde
    Was blonde for like a year which makes me like ??? But I loved it. I was never super blonde because my hair is SOOO dark but still blonde.
  9. Light brown
    I got tired of my roots but I wanted to keep it light. I didn't hate it but it wasn't what I really wanted. It was like a transitional phase.
  10. Black
    Current hair color. I dyed it like a week ago. I was just like get rid of every strand of light hair. I want it all dark. But black hair dye lowkey looks like a bruise when it touches your skin FYI.