Do people care about this as much as I do? Probably not. But I like what I like. I specifically liked these dances.
  1. Alexa and Mark, Rumba
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    Such a beautiful dance. So completely underscored and overlooked. Mark put together a wonderful tribute to his parents and Alexa danced it beautifully. No huge production, just beautiful dancing.
  2. Carlos and Lindsay, Quickstep
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    And on to the next PenaVega. I have to say I think this is one of Carlos's best dances. He absolutely killed this. It was high energy and fun and everything I wanted to see from him.
  3. Andy and Allison, Jazz
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    Such a fun and adorable dance. I love seeing Allison's choreography for jazz dances. And let's be real, a Singing in the Rain dance? It was bound for greatness and that's what it was.
  4. Hayes and Emma, Contemporary
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    Hayes's best dance all season. He was a shining star that night. A beautiful dance and beautiful song. He completely impressed me. Was so sad to see him leave so soon.
  5. Nick and Sharna, Jazz
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    I mean Backstreets Back y'all. How can you really hate this?? Fun, high energy, and some really great dancing.
  6. Alek and Lindsay, Foxtrot
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    I mean can you say surprise of the season?? I love this dance because I wasn't expecting it to be this good. He blew me away and quickly became one of my favorites to watch this season.
  7. Team Nightmare
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    With so many team dances it's easy for them to quickly become a bit formulaic. But this was so exciting and fun to watch. Everything I could've wanted from a This is Halloween dance and so much more.
  8. Andy and Sharna, Argentine Tango
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    I mean the stars of switch up week. I was scared Andy was going to go home early but when I saw this I was like yep hi that's what's up. Such a good dance!!
  9. Alek and Lindsay, Freestyle
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    To me this completely encompasses what a freestyle is: a production that highlights the celebrity's strengths. And man did Lindsay do that. It was fun and exciting and somehow managed to be new and stand out among so many seasons of freestyles.
  10. Bindi and Derek, Contemporary
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    A beautiful, beautiful tribute to Bindi's father. Made all of America cry probably. The dance that proved Bindi was gonna win this whole thing.