off the top of my head. often the friendships my best friend and I compare our friendships to.
  1. JD and Turk
    it's guy love, that's all it is
  2. Carla and Elliot
    start off hating each other, end up loving each other. very relatable.
  3. Leslie and Ann
    such a supportive friendship and I love it and it's probably my all time favorite.
  4. Buzz and Woody
    my sister actually got my best friend and I Buzz and Woody onesies for Christmas
  5. Mike and Sulley
    best team in the game
  6. Monica and Rachel
    Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are best friends in real life which makes this even better
  7. Joey and Chandler
    the best roommates in the game
  8. Cory and Shawn
    my original friendship goals
  9. Troy and Abed
    in the morning