off the top of my head. often the friendships my best friend and I compare our friendships to.
  1. JD and Turk
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    it's guy love, that's all it is
  2. Carla and Elliot
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    start off hating each other, end up loving each other. very relatable.
  3. Leslie and Ann
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    such a supportive friendship and I love it and it's probably my all time favorite.
  4. Buzz and Woody
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    my sister actually got my best friend and I Buzz and Woody onesies for Christmas
  5. Mike and Sulley
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    best team in the game
  6. Monica and Rachel
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    Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are best friends in real life which makes this even better
  7. Joey and Chandler
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    the best roommates in the game
  8. Cory and Shawn
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    my original friendship goals
  9. Troy and Abed
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    in the morning