1. unmotivated
    i have a lot of work i could be doing. i have 2 big projects due this month. i have books and documents i should be reading for class. i just can't bring myself to do them.
  2. tired
    i want to stay up all night but i have to wake up at 7am. i want to sleep for 5 more minutes but i want to eat breakfast and make lunch. i want to just sit on the couch a little longer but i have to catch the bus. i'm physically tired and emotionally tired. i want to sleep for 12 hours. i want out of this routine.
  3. uninspired
    i come on list but i have nothing to say. i feel like i have nothing to say anywhere. i stare at empty journal pages and empty word documents. and i have nothing to say.
  4. anxious
    because i have so much to get done and so much to do. and i can't bring myself to do it. because what is going to happen in the future is so uncertain. and i need a plan.
  5. sad
    because i wanted to be happy where i'm at. because i miss my old neighborhood and my old house. but it's not the same anymore. because i know my dog only has so many months left in him. and he's been here since i was 3. because everything feels out of place.
  6. lonely
    because i love my best friend. and even though we live together life gets busy. because i miss my siblings. but we're all in different places now. because i thought i'd go to school. and i'd make new friends. but it's just not happening.
  7. depressed
    i feel like it's seasonal. and i feel like it's all of these things combined. i feel like it's just a normal passing within my life. but also like it hasn't been dealt with enough. i feel like things need to change. and i feel like i'm powerless in changing them.