Hi my names Chloe and my food choices are boring. //Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Sandwich
    Roast beef, 2 slices of cheese (one pepper jack, one Colby jack), lettuce, and tomato. BBQ chips on the side.
  2. Drink
    Any caffeinated soda, no ice.
  3. Pizza
    Cheese, jalapeño, pineapple. I got this idea from someone in Twitter so it's stolen but delicious.
  4. Salad
    Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, grilled chicken with oil and vinegar. Jalapeño if I'm feeling crazy. Also BBQ chips on the side.
  5. Mexican Food
    2 chicken tacos if they have the good crunchy shell. If not chicken enchilada. Rice, no beans.
  6. Ice Cream
    Vanilla and chocolate (preferably swirled), lots of caramel on top. Sprinkles if you're celebrating, none if its sad ice cream.
  7. Chips