I've just come to realize there are a lot of very important movies that I've never seen. This may be strange considering I've seen Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 like four times.
  1. Harry Potter
    any of them (what are there 8??). just not into the whole witches and wizard thing and now I feel like I've missed to cut. and I mean that's a lot of movies to try and watch, you know?
  2. The Notebook
    and any other Nicholas Sparks movie. I learned that they were sad and I was like nope no thanks. I tried to watch it once but I had already figured out the ending so like what was the point??
  3. Say Anything
    my mom and my sister love this movie and are now so mad at me for never seeing it. my best friend and I tried to watch it one time but ended up watching Friends With Kids instead.
  4. Forrest Gump
    I think I've seen bits and pieces before but never the whole thing but since I've seen parts of it, I've never tried to watch the whole thing.
  5. Titanic
    Everyone talks about how they cry whenever they watch this and I'm like why the fuck would I want to cry??
  6. Saving Private Ryan
    I want to be real with you the only reason I included this was to be upfront and tell you I had mixed up this movie and Agent Cody Banks for like, my entire life.
  7. Ghostbusters
    I mean like I've heard the theme song so I feel like I've seen the movie.
  8. Grease
    I always play it off like I've seen the movie but I haven't. I've just heard Summer Nights a thousand times.
  9. It's a Wonderful Life
    I'm sure I've heard the plot line a million times but I don't have any vivid memory of ever seeing it.