1. Make You Miss Me // Sam Hunt
    the version on his album is amazing but I love the acoustic mixtape version even better.
  2. Perfect // Selena Gomez
    the music on this is killin me. the lyrics on this are killin me. I don't know what I was expecting when I saw the title for this song but it wasn't this.
  3. Astoria // Marianas Trench
    This album is so good I can't just call out one or two songs. it's one of those albums you can listen to beginning to end and be like "yep all of those were amazing."
  4. Roses and Violets // Alexander Jean
    don't know why the first time I listened to this was when Bindi and Derek danced to it but it doesn't even matter anymore cause it's beautiful and I'm gonna listen to it all the time now
  5. Breathe Again // Sara Bareilles
    I don't know why I've never heard this before honestly ?? I saw it on a list of the best break up songs and it's great. The lyrics are wonderful.
  6. Back To Life // Paradise Fears
    I'm a sucker for everything they do to be honest.
  7. Magnets // Disclosure ft Lorde
    I heard this on the radio and I was like need this on my playlist asap. that's it that's the story.
  8. Vapor // 5 Seconds of Summer
    haven't listened to all of their new album but I already know this is my favorite from it.
  9. Hello // Adele
    I mean. Obviously.