I finished my last semester at community college a few weeks ago. It's often looked down upon, but I had a really positive experience. And if you're ever considering it, then I'd highly recommend.
  1. So basically I started attending community college in 9th grade. I went to a high school on campus, and took classes.
    I went to that school for 2 years and I finished with 27 units (which is considered to be about a year of college classes). My math requirements were done, and other random requirements were done.
  2. Anyways the last year and a half of high school was crazy, so I never ended up taking the SAT.
    Basically you need that to get into college as a freshman or sophomore, but by the time it was time to apply I hadn't even looked at a practice question.
  3. I ended up graduating high school a semester early, so I was like hey I'm just gonna take a few classes at the community college.
  4. And then I was like hey, I don't have that many units left why don't I just stick around for another year and transfer.
    I wouldn't have to take my SATs, and you could go in as a junior so I was like hey sign me up.
  5. I didn't go to community college because I was a bad student or anything. I feel like the biggest misconception about community college.
    And I know a lot of people who were great students in high school, but for whatever reason ended up at community college. It's not a bad thing.
  6. And I had such a great experience and I enjoyed my time more than anything.
  7. I experimented so much with my major. I changed it 5 times probably. I took classes I probably wouldn't have even considered taking.
    And I never felt guilty about it because it was so much less expensive to experiment there than is would've been to experiment at a four year university.
  8. I never felt like my classes didn't challenge me or help me grow. I never felt like I wasn't going to prepared when I transferred.
  9. Ever since I was 13 I thought I was going to graduate high school, go off to some big four year university, finish in four quick years, and call it a day. But that wasn't how life turned out.
  10. If you half told me 5 years ago that this is where I would be, then I probably wouldn't have believed you and I probably would've been mad at myself. But this experience was so good.
  11. Plans change, and I'm glad mine did.
  12. And community college is cool kids. Don't let people tell ya otherwise.