Thanks for the request @nathanveshecco !! I made a list similar to this but I didn't feel like it truly encompassed my "all time favorites" so I deleted it. But this is very hard and I'm not even 100% sure these are all my favorites so
  1. A Lesson in Romantics | Mayday Parade
    Probably the first album that changed the way I looked at music. Changed my little 12 year old life and opened me up to all kinds of new music. Still probably my #1. // Favorite songs: Miserable at Best, Jersey, You Be The Anchor...
  2. Storyline | Hunter Hayes
    I liked Hunter Hayes but I had never listened to either of his albums in full until I saw him live. One of the best live artists I have ever seen and one of my favorite albums, I feels like it tells a whole story. // Favorite songs: You Think You Know Somebody, Still Fallin, Secret Love, Love Too Much
  3. Nothing Personal | All Time Low
    Out of all the All Time Low albums this one is truly my favorite. I just remember listening to on repeat for like a full month when I fist started listening to All Time Low. I like their newer stuff but this album holds a special place in my heart. // Favorite songs: Walls, Therapy, Damned if I Do Ya (Damned if I Don't)
  4. Astoria | Marianas Trench
    I ADORE Ever After and it's such an A+ album if you've never listened to it but I prefer Astoria. I like Marianas Trench because listening to their albums just feels like an experience, and I love the transitions from song to song. // Favorite songs: Forget Me Not, One Love, Dearly Departed
  5. Battle Scars | Paradise Fears
    This album holds a very special place in my heart. I first heard it when I was dealing with depression and the songs just really brought me a lot of comfort and a lot of hope. // Favorite songs: Battle Scars, Warrior, Fought for Me
  6. Close The Distance | Go Radio
    I love their first 7 song EP but heir first full album (Lucky Street) was a little bit disappointing to me. One night I was going to a concert with my friend and she was like "have you heard their newest album?" and I was like "no" and the first time I heard it I was like YESSS. // Favorite songs: Go to Hell, I Won't Lie, What If You Don't
  7. + | Ed Sheeran
    My brother kept telling me I needed to listen to it and I was like whatever until I was bored one summer night and finally listened to it and I was like damn I've been missing out. I listened to this album and this album alone on repeat for a 5 hour flight and it reminds me of that summer now. // Favorite songs: Lego House, Kiss Me, Autumn Leaves, Small Bump
  8. Over and Underneath | Tenth Avenue North
    My mom used to have this album in her car and we would listen to it on repeat. It makes my heart happy. // Favorite songs: By Your Side, Times, Let It Go