this is what i care about this awards season
  1. Yvette Nicole Brown
    That full length sequined dress is so show stopping on its own. I love how her hair looks pulled over to one side, and I love how it adds to an already stunning look.
  2. Mandy Moore
    I'm into everything about this look. I love the deep v and cape on the dress. I love her soft curls. I love her minimal, silver jewelry.
  3. Tracee Ellis Ross
    First of all, her jewelry is a look all on it's own. It's so stunning and attention drawing. And on top of that, the dress is beautiful with the sheer bottom and the accents all over it. This is a look!!!
  4. Kathryn Hahn
    I LOVE how sleek looks. So simple and elegant with that little peep of silk and the large ring. So pretty, I'm obsessed.
  5. Millie Bobby Brown
    I love that this on her, it's so fitting for a young star. The dress is perfectly elegant for the award show but the length and the fringe type detail makes it so young and fun.
  6. Octavia Spencer
    THIS HEAD TO TOE NAVY BLUE. I love the dark eye makeup and the dark nails along with the suit and the shoes. So beautiful!!!
  7. Priyanka Chopra
    HOLY COW HOLY COW!! That gold against her skin tone and the deep v. I love the pattern of the dress also!! Plus the dark lipstick and straight hair. Straight up stunning!!
  8. Emma Stone
    I love those star details in the dress and the pale pink and silver together. Plus I love that there's minimal jewelry with just the necklace. I LOVE.
  9. Brie Larson
    I love the red dress and dark lipstick against her pale skin. And I love that the dress is the center of attention. How simple and beautiful.
  10. Viola Davis
    I love love love love the yellow on her. I love it with the simple earring and the bracelet. The whole look is stunning on her and she is so beautiful.
  11. Naomie Harris
    I love the large side swept curls with this dress. It's so beautiful and Old Hollywood. And the shine of the dress is just stunning on her!!
  12. Rachel Bloom
    I love the floral designs going throughout the dress and I love the full length black dress. And I love even more that her manicure features all the members of her cast. Plus her smile is so radiant.
  13. Busy Philips
    I love how sleek the long sleeved, full length black dress is, but the flowers on it just brighten it up. It pairs so perfectly with the yellow clutch.
  14. Gina Rodriguez
    I am obsessed with this deep v-neck, full length dress. And the fringe or whatever that's going throughout the whole dress. And the color white is just so beautiful on her in general.
  15. Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, and Madison Kocian
    I love all the solid colors they're rocking. I feel like each dress is gorgeous and elegant on its own, but pairs so nicely together for their group photos. And special shoutout to Simone's hair and earrings, I love how they put with her dress.