Alright a girls gotta take a study break so thanks @nathanveshecco . I'm more a song person than an album person so I feel like this ones easier
  1. Iris | The Goo Goo Dolls
    I've loved this song for so long I can't even remember when I first heard it. Has my heart, told my mom I was gonna dance to it at my wedding.
  2. Closing Time | Semisonic
    that "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" line just gets me. whenever I finish some journey in my life I listen to this song and have a good cry.
  3. 24 Floors | The Maine
    heard this song. sobbed. decided it was my favorite ever 2 listens later. have never really wanted a tattoo but if I were to get one it would 100% be from this song.
  4. Vindicated | Dashboard Confessional
    My brother played this in the car while we were going somewhere and something about it just struck a chord with me and I was like I need this in my life forever. I looked it up later that day and it was an instant favorite.
  5. Breathless | Better Than Ezra
    Looked it up after seeing a video Taylor Swift cover it years ago at a concert. Just so much love for this song. I just love a song that makes me cry.
  6. Crash | You Me At Six
    don't know when or why I heard it but trust me it was love at first sight.
  7. Gravity | Sara Bareilles
    she just get me ya know? I actually saw a lyric from this song and looked it up because I just knew.
  8. Be Here | Parachute
    so beautiful and when he sings the "but I want you to be here" part I'm just crying probably
  9. Goodnight Moon | Go Radio
    I loved Mayday Parade so much when I was 12 that my brother showed me this song and I forgot about it for awhile but then I looked it up again and was like oh yeah I like you a lot and I listened to it all the time
  10. Hey Jealousy | Gin Blossoms
    My mama showed me this song and it's just got that sentimental thing for me. Can't hear it without thinking of drives with my mom (which are my favorites).
  11. And there's probably some I'm missing let's be real
    I'm just such a song person. I've never rally been in to listening to full albums. I really often like one song from an artist so much but am very likely to never look up more from them. And so many songs have such a special place in my heart it's hard to play favorites