Inspired by @bisexual and @Fitz. Too lazy to find photos but you know
  1. Black long sleeve shirt
    Something lose and thin and good for layering. Preferably with a v neck. My one of choice right now is from Charlotte Russe.
  2. Black cami
    For warmer days cause you know you want options. I usually get mine from Forever 21 cause so cheap
  3. Black leggings
    Will not spend more than $5 on leggings. I wear them everyday all the time, it's my best discovery.
  4. Dark wash jeggings
    Every once in a while I want to wear jeans. I get jeggings from Kohls. I like them cause they're skinny but so much more comfortable than regular skinny jeans, ya feel.
  5. Long, gray sweater
    I got one for like $15 once and it has yet to do me wrong. Is good for comfort and warmth.
  6. Camo jacket
    I got mine from Kohls as well! Just makes things look cuter and is really good for layering with that all black wardrobe I've got.
  7. Flannel
    1-2 sizes too big and from the men's section pls. My favorites from Forever 21. I like them to wear or to tie around my waist. A necessity.
  8. Gray socks
    I get them from the men's section of Forever 21 and they just look real cute with boots.
  9. Brown ankle boots
    I got a pair for half off in the summer I think and I wear them loyally. I like em for when I don't want to wear my ratty tennis shoes.
  10. White sneakers
    Already mentioned ratty sneakers. I got mine for like $6 at Walmart and I wear them all the time because they go with everything and are perfect to throw on real quick before I leave for class or whatever.