Titled: Memoirs of a College Student or something like that
  1. I Want to Take a Nap
    based on my experience of taking a 7 hour geology class starting at 7:30
  2. I Am Helplessly In Love With Everyone Who Pays a Little Bit of Attention to Me
    that Fallout Boy inspired song title. inspired by all the boys I'm in love with (there's like at least 4 at any given time)
  3. Hello, Can I Pet Your Dog?
    A love letter to all the dogs in the world. You are my one and only. I will pet you all.
  4. Betrayed (A Song for Gluten)
    The story of how gluten betrayed me and my stomach even though I love it unconditionally.
  5. I Really Can't See
    An inside look at how I feel every time someone asks if they can try on my glasses (this song is incredibly angry)
  6. Hot Cheetos and Me (A Love Story)
    A song about my never ending love for Hot Cheetos and how we'll probably be together forever.
  7. Refresh
    The story of a girl (me) looking for constant entertainment on social media.
  8. 1997 (Do I Make You Feel Old?)
    inspired by Nathan's song title. The story of how telling anyone over the age of 19 what my age is makes them feel old.
  9. I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
    A song about holidays with my family and questions the ask about my major. Alternatively Titled: No I Don't Want to Teach
  10. I'm Still Tired
    Rounding off the album is a song similar to track #1 but completely different because there is no mention of naps.
  11. Bonus track: Crying Forever
    a quick add in. tells the story of how I am almost always 5 seconds away from crying.