1. taking a really, really long nap
    Like really, really long. I survived this semester, I deserve this.
  2. catching up on tv shows
    as the semester goes on, my TV game gets weaker. I've had things recorded on the DVR for like 3 weeks that have just been sitting there.
  3. watching a lot of history documentaries on Netflix
    li was just going to put "watch Netflix" but let's be real I've been looking at some history documentaries and have just thought nope don't have time for that. I gotta catch up while I have time.
  4. buying Christmas presents
    I have so many siblings and I'm pretty ???? on what I'm going to get them. So really this is very urgent. Also ?? on what to get my mom and my best friend. BASICALLY EVERYONE IN MY LIFE EXCEPT MY DAD BECAUSE HE TOLD ME WHAT HE WANTED LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.
  5. working out ????
    it's not actually going to happen but every winter/ summer break I always say I'm going to start working out.