APRIL EDITION // insp. by @alexim
  1. MUSIC:
  2. All The Lights || Before You Exit
    aka I remembered I was still trash for the band I loved in high school || favorite songs: Model, When I'm Gone, Radiate
  3. Inside Out || The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee
    pumps me up and I love it and yes yes yes
  4. She's American || The 1975
    I am so late to this party but so glad I decided to finally show up because this song is sooo good
  5. Stole the Show || Parson James
    Nyle danced to this song on DWTS and I've been obsessed ever since.
  6. Wasteland || Against The Current
    Can't wait for their new album because this song is it.
  8. Pinterest
    I like to look at pretty wedding dresses and engagement rings on here. SUE ME. ||
  9. TV SHOWS:
  10. The Mindy Project
    I'll always love you @mindy
  11. BOOKS:
  12. William Howard Taft: The Travails of a Progressive Conservative by Jonathan Lurie
    I've expressed my weird love for Taft before. I have a speech on him for my Coms class and I had to read a book to get enough information and sources. I read it over Spring Break on two days and I personally thought it was extremely interesting. I skipped through some parts but still learned more than anyone will ever ask me to recite ever again.
  13. FOOD:
  14. Udi's Bread
    a good gluten free bread changes the gluten free game
  15. Applegate sausage links
    the only breakfast food I care about.
  16. MISC:
  17. My haircut
    Don't know why I didn't do it sooner, I use so much less shampoo
  18. Snapchat's dog filter
    sorry about it
  19. This picture of my dog