2. On Purpose || Sabrina Carpenter
    Her music gets better and better and I'm all about it || "You're scared, I'm nervous, but I guess that we did it on purpose"
  3. Closer || The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
    I knew this was gonna be hot fire the second I heard it || "We ain't ever getting older"
  4. F*** Apologies || JoJo ft. Wiz Khalifa
    my queen || "So fuck apologies, I would say I'm sorry if I really meant it"
  5. Venus || Sleeping At Last
    Not gonna lie, I was stalking Becca Tilley on Twitter and she posted lyrics from this song and I was like YES || "I convinced myself that I would never find you, when suddenly I saw you"
  6. Body Say || Demi Lovato
    I can't believe I slept on his song it's so good, one of my favorites Demi has done in a while || "If my body had a say, I wouldn't turn away"
  7. Something About You || Tayler Buono
    This girl is killing the game and I'm so happy about it || "Holding on your love, never get enough"
  8. Never Gone (acoustic) || Colton Dixon
    This has always been one of my favorite songs but I just found out he came out with an acoustic version and I'm obsessed || "With you all along, oh I was never gone"
  9. Like I Did || Shane Harper
    I didn't think I liked this song at first, but then I was like no I like this song || "Time and time again I fall for you"
  10. Negatives || The Girl and The Dreamcatcher
    These two are killing the game, that's all I gotta say || favorite songs: Make You Stay, Glowing in the Dark, Monster || "When you're mine you're safe and sound, haunted and completely bound to my nightmare"
  11. TV:
  12. Bachelor in Paradise
    Giphy downsized medium
    This is quality television. Carly and Evan are my favorites.
  13. The Office
    I've been rewatching it to help me sleep at night in my new room and it's just SOOOO good
  14. MAKE UP:
  15. Essence Make Me Brow
    The wand is super cute and tiny. I love this for school days when I'm trying to do my makeup in like 15 minutes
  16. Revlon Colorstay Foundation
    This covers up all my acne and stays on my face even though I'm highkey sweating. I'm all about that life
  17. ELF Makeup Mist and Set
    I tried MAC Fix+ but it reminded me so much of this ELF one, which I actually like even better
  18. NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara
    I don't like my lashes to be too crazy since I wear glasses, and have good lashes. This does just enough to make it feel worth the effort but not too much.
  19. MISC:
  20. My new comforter
    as modeled by my cat. it's exactly what I wanted and I got it on clearance so even better.
  21. Nick as the next bachelor
    this is gonna be good tv
  22. Sprite
    This is so random but I've been trying to drink less caffeine but I'm still a soda type of gal. this has been my go to over Coke.