1. It's Quiet Uptown || performed by Kelly Clarkson
    This song is beautiful and the way Kelly sings it is beautiful. It's just a stunning masterpiece for your ears.
  2. Thank God for December || Megan & Liz
    Insanely perfect description that describes how it feels to come home for the holidays. It's nostalgic and beautiful.
  3. Clouds || Before You Exit
    It's a beautiful song, and incredibly heartbreaking. It's hard to listen to sometimes because it describes grief and mourning so perfectly.
  4. Love Triangle || RaeLynn
    A beautiful song that beautifully and heartbreakingly described growing up with divorced parents
  5. EMOTION SIDE B || Carly Rae Jepsen
    I can't believe I just started listening to this because it's all a fucking jam || favorite songs: Roses, Store, Cry
  6. Rugrats
    In case you want to know how I sleep at night, the first thing I do is turn on an episode of Rugrats
  7. Hairspray Live!
    It's no 2007 Hairspray (cough Zac Efron cough), but it was pretty good. I'm obsessed with their version of Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now.
  8. Hallmark Christmas movies
    So bad and cheesy and I love every second of it
  9. Warm and Cozy by Pink
    My best friend gave me this as an early Christmas present and now I'm obsessed
  10. Driving
    I got my license this month and I LOVE driving by myself and listening to Hannah Montana.
  11. Christmas
    I just love spending the time with my family, even though they're crazy.