February edition
  1. MUSIC:
  2. This Is Acting | Sia
    I love the concept. It's an album full of songs she wrote for other artists. And it's so good. // favorite songs: Bird Set Free, Reaper, Alive, House on Fire, Cheap Thrills
  3. From The Ground Up | Dan + Shay
    my future wedding songs though. so cute.
  4. Missin' You | The Summer Set
    MY JAM
  5. Something In The Way You Move | Ellie Goulding
    MY JAM PT. 2
  7. Love
    I'm only a few episodes in but I do like it. Judd Apatow's daughter is so great in this though.
  8. Fuller House
    I finished it in a day. It wasn't like the best show ever but neither was Full House soo. It was cute, I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't mind if they continued it.
  9. The Day Kennedy Died
    My attention span is garbage so I really often don't finish documentaries but this was so interesting. It was full of people who was there and I don't know it was just so cool. WARNING THOUGH: They show the videos of Kennedy and Oswald getting shot as well as pictures of Kennedy.
  10. FASHION:
  11. Baseball caps
    on days I don't wear makeup I wear baseball caps which and i think they're rad
  12. This dress
    it's like a t shirt dress kinda but also it's got the cross cross thing on the front and it's hella cute.
  13. FOOD:
  14. Animal fries
    I'm always obsessed with these but I've been extra obsessed with these this month.
  15. Mac n cheese
    I'm sure that mac n cheese in the picture isn't gluten free BUT I've been loving a good gluten free mac n cheese
  16. MISC:
  17. This sunset