Inspired by @alexim // January edition
  1. MUSIC:
  2. The Blessed Unrest | Sara Bareilles
    Open Spotify. Listen to this on repeat. || favorite songs: Cassiopeia, 1000 Times, Eden, Hercules
  3. Breakup In A Small Town | Sam Hunt
    My mom and I are obsessed I don't even know why it's the best song ever, it jut is.
  4. Heartless (cover) | The Fray
    Remember how much I loved it after making that list of my favorite covers.
  5. BOOKS:
  6. Gluten Is My Bitch by April Peveteaux
    Okay I have only gotten through the first two chapters because my life is school this month BUT I love it so far and I feel like she gets me.
  7. TV:
  8. Portlandia
    My best friend made me watch the first episode and now I'm hooked.
  9. SNL Political Skits
    Will Ferrell as George W. Bush?? Larry David as Bernie Sanders?? Honestly thank you so much.
  11. Nutella
    I used to be OBSESSED but then I got sick of it but I just saw it at the store one day and I was like you know what I need Nutella again in my life. A great decision.
  12. Water
    You guys I used to drink an embarrassingly small amount of water but I am a changed person now. I understand the error of my ways now.
  13. MISC:
  14. My hair color
    I dyed it dark finally and I'm all about it now.
  15. B.O.B's flat earth rant
  16. Geology
    just kidding I hate rocks and waking up early but I'm almost done 🙌🏽