March Edition // shoutout to @alexim for doing this is January cause it's fun + I love it
  1. MUSIC:
  2. Smoke and Fire | Sabrina Carpenter
    wasn't sure how I felt about it the first few times I listened to it but I can't stop listening to it now it's fine
  3. Work From Home | Fifth Harmony
    fire fire fire. could listen to this a million times and probably did
  4. Lost Boy | Ruth B
    her voice is so calming I feel like I'm listening to a lullaby
  5. Deux | Megan & Liz
    love love them and also love their music. favorite songs: big kids, just a name, white t-shirt
  6. Thief | Alexander Jean
    that voice is just everything
  7. PS I'm always making monthly playlists on Spotify that are longer than this if you wanted to check that out
  9. Dancing With The Stars
    I'm aware my obsession with this show is weird but who cares NOT ME. Wanya and Lindsay are hot fire.
  10. Face Off
    My best friend and I started watching it and it's just so COOL.
  11. FOOD:
  12. Those little orange cups
    that you took to school in like 2nd grade? THATS MY SHIT
  13. Skittles
    listen it was a stressful month I don't want to talk about it.
  14. BOOKS:
  15. The Epic of Gilgamesh, translated my Andrew George
    You guys I actually read a book!! Well it was for class but I got a good grade on the essay so I like it. And it was actually pretty enjoyable to read. I only read the standard version but I might go back to read the rest.
  16. FASHION:
  17. Tattoo choker
    so basically I got this for my character for a murder mystery party and now I'm obsessed
  18. Monsters University hat
    oh AND I WENT TO DISNEYLAND. the only thing I wanted was the MU hat. That's it. I love it.
  19. MISC:
  20. Sleeping
    tired college student at your servicw
  21. The fact that I literally put 2013 on an assignment instead of 2016
    who am I
  22. Making my cat chase the little light
    he gets so into it. not sure when he'll realize it's a light and he can't catch it.