2. From The Inside Out || Seventh Day Slumber
    I found this song on my old itunes while I was staying at my dad's house one night and became obsessed all over again.
  3. This Town || Niall Horan
    tbh i've always had a soft spot for Niall. I love his first solo single and I'm so excited to see how he thrives outside of one direction.
  4. 11 Blocks || Wrabel
    The first time I heard this song I was not all about it, but luckily I was listening to the radio on a long car trip and it came on two more times, by the end I was obsessed.
  5. Don't Wanna Know || Maroon 5
    If I had a dollar for every time I was not into a Maroon 5 song, and then insanely obsessed with it, I'd have a lot of dollars.
  6. Evolution || Sabrina Carpenter
    she's basically the it girl of disney right now but I ain't mad about it. the album is much different from her first, but in the best way possible. || favorite songs: on purpose, thumbs, shadows, run and hide
  7. Mad Love || JoJo
    This is her first album in 10 years and it's so good. She has that same sass she had in too little, too late but she's all grown up now || favorite songs: mad love, reckless, music, f*** apologies, fab
  8. TV + MOVIES:
  9. American Housewife
    This is nothing necessarily groundbreaking, but it's still funny, and I'm willing to give it a chance.
  10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 2
    I know it's only one episode in, but I love this show so much I don't care what happens. This first song of this season was great and I love the new opening. Can't wait to see more!!!!
  11. This Is Us
    I LOVED the pilot. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep watching it, but my best friend and I started to watch it together and we literally cry every episode. I really want to see how it all plays out now.
  12. Superstore
    I only ever watched one episode of this and kinda gave up. I started watching it again one day and was all about it again.
  13. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
    I actually didn't even want to see this movie, and I really wasn't loving it at first. But I really did enjoy it by the end. I never read the book, so I have no idea how it compares, but I really liked it.
  14. SNL debate sketches
    Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin's impressions are so good and it's a bit scary.
  16. Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
    Looks real good on the skin and makes my skin look real good.
  17. This Sweatshirt
    best $10 I've spent
  18. My Haircut
    I really don't have a good picture of it but it's short and I'm in love
  19. FOOD:
  20. Katz Gluten Free Donuts
    found these and Sprouts and just about died. soooo good, i'm obsessed.
  21. California Pizza Kitchen Gluten Free Pizza
    (this is a picture of regular pizza BUT) this is the best gluten free pizza. It's soft and doughy and so flavorful.
  22. MISC:
  23. Hulu with no commercials
    so worth it
  24. Disney during Halloween
    favorite time of year, completely worth waiting an hour for the Haunted mansion.