Requested by biz


  1. talking about politics
    because people assume that my age means I'm an uniformed voter
  2. eye contact
    it's weird I've always hated it.
  3. trying to have a conversation with my stepmom
    2 sentences anddd it's over.
  4. when someone says they recognize me from somewhere
    like idk man I went to 3 different high schools, I don't know what to tell you. and I respond awkwardly and I'm not trying to be a bitch just I don't know what to say???
  5. making phone calls
    srry you still have to make my appointments, mom.
  6. writing essays
    i hate it and I want to cry the whole time.
  7. riding in a new persons car
    how am I supposed to sit??? where do my hands go????
  8. making any sort of speech
    who do I make eye contact with?!!!
  9. talking about my feelings
    because my instant reaction is to cry and then you're uncomfortable and I can't breathe and it's awkward
  10. small talk
    the woooorstt
  11. when a character on a tv show is about to do something embarrassing and cringe worthy
    second hand embarrassment game too strong