In January I wrote this list (A YEAR WITHOUT MY GRANDFATHER) about my dad's dad's death last year. But last year in April my mom's dad died. And I don't know how to be emotional about his death, I just don't. I was so numb by then. I just prefer to remember the silly things he said. That's what makes me at peace with this.
  1. "No kidding"
    You would be like hey Grandpa it's Thanksgiving or whatever and he would say this.
  2. My label maker
    He got it for me for Christmas and it just made me so happy.
  3. "Good for you"
    He said this for a lot of things. Like hey love you grandpa. Good for you kid.
  4. $2 bills
    He handed these out like candy at Christmas time.
  5. Loose change
    He used to have it scattered all over his apartment and he would let my brother and I count it out and keep it.
  6. JFK
    He loved him like so much. I think he might have been proud of me for being a democrat.
  7. Ireland
    He was a little bit Irish but he sure did love it there.
  8. Cookies
    That man always wanted a cookie