I know I did one of these according to Spotify but I feel like it wasn't completely accurate so I had to make one of these things according to me
  1. Eyes Wide Open | Sabrina Carpenter
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    Such a killer first album to put out. Makes me feel young again even though I'm not old. // favorite songs: Too Young, Seamless, We'll Be the Stars
  2. BADLANDS | Halsey
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    Once again another killer first album. Halsey's taking over. // favorite songs: Drive, Colors, Strange Love
  3. American Candy | The Maine
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    I have always been kinda neutral about The Maine but this album is so wonderful all around. I did not expect to love it as much as I do. // favorite songs: 24 Floors, Another Night on Mars, (Un) Lost
  4. Montevallo | Sam Hunt
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    He's not quite country but he's also not quite anything else. His talk-singing is pretty rad and his lyrics are killer. // favorite songs: Make You Miss Me, Take Your Time, Breakup in a Small Town
  5. Astoria | Marianas Trench
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    I think it's been 3 years since their last album came out and let me tell you this one was worth the wait. Everything I've ever wanted an album to be// favorite songs : One Love, Dearly Departed, While We're Young, Forget Me Not etc., etc.
  6. Gravity | Against the Current
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    It has six songs so technically this is an EP but these guys are getting ready to kill the game if this is any indicator of what's to come// favorite songs: Talk, Brighter
  7. The First Time | Kelsea Ballerini
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    Woman in country kicking ass? Sign me the fuck up. a really fun album, overall. // favorite songs: Secondhand Smoke, Peter Pan, Stilettos
  8. Four Pink Walls | Alessia Cara
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    I haven't really listened to her full album yet but this four song EP was so good and fun and Here is the introvert anthem I think // favorite songs: Here, Seventeen
  9. Honorable Mention: 1989 | Taylor Swift
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    technically came out in 2014 but still the jam// favorite songs: Out of the Woods, Clean, Wonderland