saw a list that @JustineNicole made and was like hey I want to make one too.
  1. Sue Heck from The Middle
    is very unlucky. kind of very awkward. loves taylor swift. loves her parents. is known to freak out when things don't go as planned (which is all the time). known to cry a lot.
  2. Alex Dunphy from Modern Family
    cares about school so much it takes over her life sometimes. wanted to go far away for school but then changed her mind. wears glasses all the time. loves talking about school/ academic things.
  3. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls
    makes pro and con lists. is friends with her mom. always has a plan. talks fast. eats very unhealthy.
  4. Riley Matthews from Girl Meets World
    wants to solve everyone's problems. is always very optimistic. loves her friends. can be super awkward around the guy she likes but also super comfortable. smiles all the time.
  5. Monica Geller from Friends
    obsessive need to be right. loves to organize things maybe too much to a fault. is the mom of the friend group.