I do not binge watch shows but every once in a while I'll consider watching a show and never do it. but I think about it a lot.
  1. American Horror Story
    I don't like scary things and I don't fully understand the concept. Everyone talks very highly of it though.
  2. Grey's Anatomy
    I love Patrick Dempsey but he's not on the show anymore. I hear a lot of people die too. But I feel like it is a show I, as a teenage girl, am supposed to like ???
  3. Orange is the New Black
    People tell me it's good but I once watched an episode and cried so I turned that shit off.
  4. One Tree Hill
    When you search "shows like Gilmore Girls" this comes up but I tried to watch it and I don't think that. I think a lot about trying again.
  5. Awkward.
    I watched a few episodes with my best friend one time. I can't tell if I find it annoying or endearing though.
  6. Scandal
    People talk about how great it is but I don't know if I can get behind this main character sleeping with the President thing.
  7. iZombie
    My brother once said it was good but I'm not too sure how I feel about zombies and the title reminds me of iCarly.
  8. The Walking Dead
    Once again not too sure how I feel about the Zombie thing. My 11th grade history teacher also recommended it and I don't know if that's a selling point or not.
  9. Breaking Bad