If you ask me if it's a choice I'll scream becausE I WISH
  1. Nobody knows what gluten is.
    I don't fully understand it either, but I do know what to avoid (wheat, barely, rye, etc). I also know gluten and carbs are not the same thing. I CAN EAT CARBS GRANDMA.
  2. There are a lot of really good gluten free foods out there.
    I eat gf bread and you know what? IT ROCKS. (My favorite gf brand is Udis). Plus gf pizza crust is getting really good (CPK's is my favorite). And Lucky Charms are gluten free now!! The food doesn't suck!!!
  3. A lot of people assume the food sucks.
    Do I miss food that contains gluten? yes!! I really want a donut!! But is my diet sad and tasteless? nope, not at all!
  4. Potatoes, corn, and rice are your best friends.
    they're all gluten free!! I miss flour tortillas, but I can still eat corn tortillas (which is great bc a girl's gotta have tacos)!! I miss regular pasta but rice pasta is awesome!!
  5. You really need to read the food labels.
    Red vines are made with wheat flour, which would have been great to know before I ate like 7 of them. My stomach was not a fan!
  6. And be careful when it comes to some meats.
    Adding on to the other point, check the labels!! This surprised me, and actually took me a few months to realize I needed to be checking meat products carefully. Fresh meats are generally okay, but some meats do contain other ingredients that aren't gluten free.
  7. Eating out is hard.
    But it is pretty easy to find allergen information online!! And a lot of restaurants have gluten free menus!
  8. It may be hard, but it really has made a huge difference.
    But only if you're allergic to gluten or have celiac. Otherwise I hear it's not good to completely cut gluten out of your diet.
  9. also it's really hard to find gluten free cinnamon rolls.
    why the fuck are they only available at whole foods? I don't live near a whole foods anymore!!!