No one talks about Taft because TR is like a bigger deal bUT LET ME TELL YOU // renamed & edited for more information of my boy Taft
  1. This photo:
    I had a professor who made us draw a water buffalo on our test for extra credit because of this picture and I just knew Taft and I were meant to be after this.
  2. Taft and Roosevelt and Political Cartoons:
    Roosevelt wanted to run for a third term but the Republican Party wouldn't let him, so he basically hand picked his successor (my main bae, Taft)
  3. Don't worry there's more:
    Friendship goals (but not really because TR ruined it!!!!!)
  4. He got stuck in a bathtub:
    Listen, my favorite history professor told me this, so I believe it. I haven't found a super reliable source that supports it, but he did have a really big bathtub in the White House. I hear you can see it at his presidential historical site.
  5. He's the only person to ever be President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:
    And he never really wanted to president either. He was a judge prior to being president and that's what he wanted to do.
  6. He appointed SIX supreme court justices:
    That's the most appointments aside from Washington and FDR. Could you imagine appointing six people to your dream job?!
  7. He only served one term because Theodore Roosevelt ran against Taft and Wilson under a third party:
    And neither of them ended up being elected in 1912 ANYWAYS. In a 1922 letter he said "I no longer cherish any ill will toward Theodore Roosevelt l. There are times when I could perhaps not have said so."
  8. Also that mustache:
    A good mustache.