1. You start a book and take 5 years to finish it
    I started reading 1984 2 years ago. Still not done.
  2. You're uncomfortable around kids
    Even my nieces and nephews. I love you, but I'm uncomfortable
  3. You're the happiest around dogs and cats
    I saw 5 dogs while I was driving yesterday, it was the best day ever.l
  4. You love buying clothes, but you still wear the same 5 outfits every week
    Black leggings, solid colored shirt or sweater, and white keds forever
  5. You only wear bralettes and sports bras
    Regular bras are uncomfortable, why would I do that to myself
  6. You're picky as fuck about your taco shells
    Look if you're going to do a crunchy taco, do it right
  7. You would stay up til 3am all the time if you could
    I don't because I have to go to class, BUT IF I COULD
  8. You make playlists for every single mood
    But there's like 5 songs that end up on every playlist because they just fit every mood, I don't make the rules
  9. You wear your hair curled every single day
    My hair just doesn't want to be straight, it won't happen
  10. You just can't get into contacts
    I'll wear glasses every single day for the rest of my life, I don't care
  11. You're literally always changing a your mind
    I've had 10 different life plans in the last year, this is just who I am
  12. You look 12
    I'm 19, but I've got some chubby cheeks
  13. You can't watch a movie without looking up the plot summary online first
    I just don't like surprises, I need to know what happens so I can be prepared
  14. You always know the latest celebrity gossip
    I've been reading UsWeekly's website and People's website everyday since I was like 12
  15. You hate doing the dishes
    I will clean the bathroom no problem, but I will use paper plates for days to avoid doing the dishes
  16. You hit a curb at least twice a month
    I'm not the best driver okay