1. Sunday Brunch from Hell
    My friends and I had been dying to try a new restaurant in town known for their brunch/mimosas/bloody Mary's. We go one Sunday and everything's totally fine until I take a drink of water and start choking uncontrollably. Ended up choking to the point where I blew chunks all over the table - needless to say I will not be returning to that restaurant for a while.
  2. Chlo Takes a Tumble
    Got absolutely plastered tailgating before the Iowa vs. ISU game. Came home, passed out and woke up during the middle of the 4th quarter (we won yay). Thought I had sobered up after my nap, so my friends and I decide to go get some half priced apps from Applebee's (a favorite of ours). I take one step out my front door and just completely eat shit, turns out I was still drunk. All aboard the hot mess express!
  3. "Sick"
    One time in dance class, I farted pretty loud and the snitch in front of me turned around and gave me the biggest glare and just goes "Sick." Sorry bout it✌🏼️
  4. My Personal Trainer Hates Me
    One time I accidentally kicked my personal trainer in the ball when he stood in front of me while I was doing pull-ups