Times DJ Khaled was right about life

By now, everyone knows about DJ Khaled, the self proclaimed King of Snapchat. Since he's busy on tour and doing promo, I thought I would relive some of his best life tips. Although it's fun to laugh at some of his snaps, he's got some things figured out.
  1. Major key alert
    Know what's important and stick with it.
  2. Don't listen to they
    They don't want you to be successful. Be successful.
  3. Another one
    Success doesn't sleep.
  4. Don't play yourself
    Don't be in denial.
  5. Bless up
    Always be thankful for what you are given. Give thanks to the most high.
  6. Angels
    Take care of what/who you love.
  7. Journey of success
    Success is a journey that you must embark on every single day.
  8. I appreciate you
    Always let the people you love know how much you appreciate them.
  9. Bonus: some DJ Khaled gems
    Ladies, does this make you feel some type of way?
  10. Another one
    Not a Snapchat, but it was too good to not include.
  11. ...and another one
    My favorite