You shit on them in public but in private you just can't seem to get enough
  1. She's the Man
    2006's greatest achievement. Know every line of every scene of the entire thing yet, still make time to watch it at least twice a week
  2. Robes
    Who knew terry cloth could have such a profound affect on daily existence...but if 25 hours were in a day I'd spend them all in my robe
  3. Fried anything
    We can't always been on a health kick. And even when we are we wish the green juice we were drinking was buttered, salted and battered
  4. Hawaiian pizza
    Shhhh...seriously don't tell anyone. One bite is all I can handle but still. Wow
  5. Sampling with no intention to buy
    The one flavor per sample cup is a rule I'll just never abide by. There is such thrill in seeing how many times you can fill your tiny sample cup up before being yelled at or it falling apart in your hands. Ps if you put it out for me to try...taking 3 or 4 of whatever food item it is isn't a crime I'm simply doing you and my taste buds a favor...try and stop me