Get a closer look at the extremely rare one of a kind species that is @racheltabb she'll have you crying from laughter, questioning linguistics, singing like your inner pop star, and of course keep you the utmost entertained. Ladies and gentleman I present to you RLT (real life Tabb)
  1. Identity crisis
    Has been known to be confused with Diane Keaton
  2. Dresses to impress
    At any given moment you might walk in on her belting a ballad from Dreamgirls dressed in wings, a ball gown, a trench coat in 80 degree weather, or of course a "new black turtleneck"
  3. Carnivore
    She won't ask for a bite but you may find her sniffing your bacon, or ham (she loves the smoked kind)
  4. Stickler for the rules
    No humor before bed
  5. Hot toddy
    Wares suspenders to be sexual
  6. Bunny looper
    Next time you see her ask her to tie your shoes for you. You'll see what I mean #theoldfashionedway
  7. Little boy scribbles
    Handwriting like a prepubescent male (mucho endearing)
  8. Linguist
    Tends to create words but only when having VERY serious conversations (Example: Swedishian-being of Swedish decent)
  9. Lisa
    Her imaginary friend (who's a huge B just so you all know)
  10. Bilingual
    Knows how to say but cheeks in Spanish. That counts right?
  11. English is her second language
    "Tree bloom in yard" translates to "oh look Chloe the neighbors tree is blooming"
  12. Wild card
    The girl has a MAD case of jungle fever
  13. Shrimp toss
    Hide your...idk just hide! She's known to throw frozen shrimp when under the influence of wine
  14. A bold mind
    Where would our feet be without her
  15. Rapper name
    Vanilla chip