Wondering the ways I leave you? A retrospective of the ways I've no longer been able to go on....xo, Chloe
  1. Shaking up with your parents over the holidays
    This one needs no explanation...xo, Chloe
  2. Driving in Morocco
    Whilst your diver texts, smokes, reads a map, and gesticulates...xo, Chloe
  3. Picking out a Christmas card template
    16 pages worth of cards and 3 screaming matches later...xo, Chloe
  4. Accommodating the needs of inquisitive house guests
    I surrender my last breath to your millionth question...xo, Chloe
  5. Being asked questions about social media by individuals 60 and older
    Try my patience why don't you. I will be having Nope. Niet. Nein. None of this...xo, Chloe
  6. Ripped gloves
    No hands, big problem. Strangely this occurrence effects all gross motor skills (aka causing them to no longer be possible)...xo, Chloe