@markhoppus I would ask you to join me but I usually sing your part!!
  1. Feeling This
    There are actually four parts to this harmony and only two singers. How?! I know all four parts.
  2. All The Small Things
    I bet you didn't know that this song switches back and forth between high and low harmonies. Very sneaky! Like who do you think you are Mark Hoppus, Paul McCartney? Jeez. This was a tough one and I'm proud of myself for learning it.
  3. Rollercoaster
    This song doesn't have that many harmonies but it's a very simple chord structure so it's really easy to make up your own. That makes me feel creative, so this is one of my favorites.
  4. Stay Together For The Kids
    I don't like to sing this cause it's like, why try to do what has already been done so well? Don't ask me, I won't do it. But I could.
  5. Stockholm Syndrome
    This is a weird one cause I know all the notes but not all the words. So if you wanna sing lead I can hum the harmonies. Also, what is more embarrassing: the fact that I made this list or that it includes two songs from the self-titled album?
  6. Man Overboard
    Man this one is the funnest. It's like harmonies from start to finish. All different harmonies. This might be my favorite. Who wants to come over and sing this with me?
  7. Going Away to College
    Suggested by @QuinnBeswick