From memory, cause I'm eating at a restaurant alone, not staring at my sweater collection like a loser
  1. Blue with white stripes
    This is the one I'm wearing
  2. Blue with grey stripes
  3. Grey with blue stripes
    Not the same sweater
  4. Another blue with white stripes
    This actually is the same sweater as the first one. I liked it so much I bought two.
  5. Blue/white striped
    Hard to say which is the primary color here. Blue with white stripes doesn't feel right, but neither does white with blue stripes.
  6. Black with one blue stripe
  7. Black and white striped
    But one of the stripes is like a Christmas stripe, with like snowflakes and stuff
  8. Red and white striped
    This one's wild, I wear it when I feel feisty
  9. Solid black
    It's cashmere
  10. 3 solid red ones
    I've never worn them