I am a waitress at a BBQ restaurant
  1. Not telling them my name before they asked
  2. Not bringing enough sauce at first
  3. That my restaurant doesn't serve coffee
  4. They thought the brisket I gave them was not brisket
    It was brisket. They said, "this isn't brisket." And I said, "yes it is."
  5. Incorrectly predicting which cocktail they might like best
  6. Running out of a menu item
    Like I personally ate all of the ribs
  7. Bringing them water
    "We're in a drought!"
  8. Not asking if they want more water
    A couple times I said something like "everything okay over here?" but I guess they were looking for something more specific cause they wrote on the receipt: "no one offered us more water AT ALL"
  9. Not knowing about a certain BBQ restaurant in Georgia
  10. Looking like I hadn't brushed my hair that day
    I hadn't