Communication is very important in basketball so I try to speak constantly
  1. "I can't breathe."
    Usually to the opposing player next to me when we line up to rebound for free throws.
  2. "I'm gonna be sick."
    Usually to the ref right before I inbound the ball.
  3. "Seriously I'm gonna die."
    Usually to my own teammate when we're taking the ball down.
  4. "I don't feel good."
    Usually to my dad who is coaching on the sidelines. He doesn't respond but one time he took me out of the game.
  5. "Okay I'm not gonna throw up!"
    To myself, when I get a second wind.
  6. "Oh my god."
    Pretty much anytime I have to run from one side of the court to the other, and also anytime I hit a shot.