1. Uber from my apartment to LAX
  2. Plane from LAX to Philadelphia
    5 hour layover
  3. Plane from Philadelphia to white plains
    1 hour flight.
  4. Taxi from white plains airport to @GettingChillerCharli's house
    It was late and this guy was so chatty
  5. Charlie's friend Simon drove me to my friend Hannah's house and then picked me up and took me back to charlie's house
    So nice of him
  6. Uber from Charlie's house to this westchester marriott
    Thanks for nothing Simon
  7. Had to walk from the marriott to the Sheraton, then a shuttle took me from the Sheraton to the wedding I was here to attend, and then a shuttle took me back at the end of the night and I walked back to my hotel room
    Shoulda stayed at the Sheraton
  8. Taxi service from the marriott back to my friend Hannah's house
  9. I drove Charlie's mom's Lexus from Hannah's house to the Hamptons
    Def my favorite part
  10. Hampton jitney to manhattan
  11. Took the S from grand central to Times Square and then walked to Charlie's friend's apartment
  12. I took the S back to grand central and then took the metro north to new haven where Hannah picked me up at the train station
    I read The Girl on the Train... On the train.
  13. I took an uber back to the train station then metro north back to grand central then the S again
  14. Now I'm in a taxi to my friend James's apartment
  15. Still to come: tomorrow morning, I fly to Raleigh, NC, where I get a rental car which I will drive to charleston, and then I'll take another plane back to LA where I'll get an uber from an airport which will take me finally to MY CAR
  16. Total cost: 1 million dollars