things i want to buy when i get paid

  1. where am i now by mara wilson
    bulk book buy on amazon
  2. guide dogs short
  3. car seat covers
    kmart probably
  4. thinx
  5. stuff from sad ghost club
  6. orion's darling shirt
    go to her tumblr (?) to find link
  7. how to build a girl by caitlin moran
    bulk book order on amazon
  8. lush stuff
  9. megs mug
  10. reusable straws
  11. dog phone case ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  12. hella plants
  13. Furiously happy- Jenny Lawson
  14. The hate u give- Angie Thomas
  15. Do what you want magazine
  16. The man that couldn't stop
    Book about OCD
  17. Doing it- Hannah witton
    Book depository dot com
  18. " I am growing" tote by Laura
  19. Check out ohh deer
  20. Our numbered days- Neil hilborn
  21. lil backpack
  22. bras!!
  23. new bedside tables