on Edgewood, obvs
  1. "you look beautiful"
    a girl I met once at an old crush's party saw me (and still remembers me which is astonishing) and complimented the face my mom and dad worked so hard to give me. she's nice and I always like her outfits.
  2. "Speak louder! I don't know what the fuck you want!"
    The new bartender seems kinda mean. I don't know if she was talking to her friend or not, but either way, it turned me off.
  3. "Don't park there! Someone is going to steal your car,"
    Out of the 4 years I've been coming here, this has never happened. ~Side note: I arrived to a non-stolen car at the end of my partying. Take that, suckas!
  4. "omg I love your eyebrows!" "thanks girl! I'm Mexican so you know we're hairy as fuck!"
    Her eyebrows are nice and thick
  5. "Get out there! Go dance!"
    Some random guy who kept forcing me to dance with strangers. FYI, I actually hate people like this.
  6. A lot of while people saying n***a...?
    A part of the song lyrics. People who aren't of color, STOP THIS NOW.