Maybe not the best, but definitely what I listen to!
  1. Sirius XMU-- CH 35
    Indie music. All the new stuff under the radar and the bigger bands. A lot of new music and artists, but don't worry you'll get your Spoon fix here too.
  2. Hip Hop Nation-- CH 44
    Enter the no flex zone--JK ITS HIP HOP THERE'S SO MUCH FLEXIN'--and turn the bass up. You'll find yourself saying "mustard on the beat, ho" in regular conversation in no time. You'll also learn what a thot is. Enjoy.
  3. The Heat-- CH 47
    Hip hop and R&B. From cheesy to noteworthy. This channel taught me that an R&B love song is telling your stripper girlfriend it's all good if she still wants to keep dancing even though you're super rich and have a Ferrari, you still love her. Empowering stuff here.
  4. 40s on 4-- CH 4
    Cuz clang clang clang goes the trolley.
  5. Backspin-- CH 46
    Classic hip hop (!!!)
  6. On Broadway-- CH 72