She can do anything, everything, anytime. Also, Mama can DRESSSSSS 👏👏👏
  1. Oscars (2000)
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    This Gaultier dress CB wore to the 72nd Annual Academy Awards deserves a standing slow-clap applause. You guys, there is a gold chain running down her spine that stops right at her butt crack. If CB and I were like having lunch at cafe gratitude (or whatever) I would look up from the menu and be like "yo cate, no homo, you are dazzling--like this Caesar salad lol" 😉
  2. Blue Jasmine
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    All hail the queen. This performance is mind blowing. Cate is equal parts tightly wound and completely unhinged. She's brilliant, funny, depressed, manic and excruciatingly human all at once. Oscar worthy, Oscar deserved.
  3. The Talented Mr. Ripley
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    Cate is really amazing at playing snobby detached characters that have their head really far up their ass. NOTE: Her character, Meredith Logue, is not originally in the book. Anthony Minghella wanted CB in the movie so he wrote the role FOR HER. Added bb in just because she is so 💯
  4. Oscars (2011)
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    YAS QUEEN. Cate hit the red carpet in this Givenchy number and you could feel the earth move.
  5. Bandits
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    Billy bob Thornton and Bruce Willis are fighting over her while they're robbing banks across the country. SHE ALSO DOES THE MOST INSPIRED LIP SYNC/INTERPRETIVE DANCE TO BONNIE TYLER'S "I NEED A HERO" in the kitchen. Uses her retractable faucet as a mic. K byyyeeeeeeee
  6. Pushing Tin
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    She plays CONNIE FALZONE. Hey, versatility, I'd like you to meet the woman whose going to OWN YOU--Cate Blanchett. Again, incredible accent work. I'm sorry what? You're Australian?
  7. I feel like she's super nice.
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    Like even in this pic you know CB is str8 up joshin' around
  8. Such grace
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  10. As @AliceWetterlund put it in a comment, "she is such a down ass bitch."
    Is it chill to quote you?
  11. Also... @rightordoyle @chloewepper
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    Suggested by @mwepper
  12. In "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" when she's like, "I too command the winds! There is a hurricane in me!"
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    Suggested by @chris
  13. When she freaks out on Judi Dench in "Notes on a Scandal"
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    Suggested by @chris
  14. Having SO MUCH FUN cackling and lit and dressed for the Gawds in CINDERELLA.
    Suggested by @mwepper
  15. Wait up. How about "For some say Spain and others say France. But I know not how to please you all unless of each."
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    Suggested by @mwepper