"Flip flopping" and "unstable" are words that come to mind.
  1. this is the best
  2. Oh my god I hate this
  3. Who am I, really?
  4. This is actually so much fun
  5. Hey guy, who are you tho?!
  6. I don't like this at all.
  7. I like him
  8. I don't like him
  9. I think this is flirting.
  10. Reel it in, Wepper!
  11. Shit. I really shouldn't have sent that bitmoji. It's a little much.
  12. Woof.
  13. I'm so v chill right now though...????
  14. My vibe right now is tite as fuuuuuuq [shoulder shimmy followed by a perfect spin]
  15. I hate myself.