Shout out to @Nicholas for this one!
  1. Here she is.
    NO GAP between apps and the dock. Just a full on nightmare of apps. What the hell are the App AND iTunes Store doing on my 1st page?!
  2. Let's talk about my mail inbox. Up until last September I was a huge champion of the "no unread emails" in my inbox and would brag about it. Now look at me. I am a MONSTER. I had a dream job come true last fall and instead of enjoying it, I got super stressed and stopped dealing with emails. Woof
  3. The apps I use the most: Google maps, Instagram, Twitter, spotify (best $10 a month I spend), and the list app.
    Ugh, Facebook too. It's a bad habit I can't shake.
  4. The apps I use the least: videos, health, App Store, iTunes Store
    What are they doing on page 1?
  5. 7 voicemails are from last week or earlier. They're from @mwepper and @ruddybuddy respectively. I have since called them back--LOL duuuuh I talk to them 3-4 times A DAY EVERYDAY.
  6. Appbox Pro--the red app next to the phone is an app with a bunch of apps in it. Got it for free years ago on a promotion. Extremely useful but I don't use any of them.
    I only use it for the "lady calendar." Ladiiiieeeess every one of you needs one bc its like having control over something you have actually no control over. It's an illusion but it's empowering to know when you'll have to size up on your jeans for a couple of days and when you're bra is gonna be too tight for a bit.
  7. My wallpaper pic is a beautiful portrait of Madeleine Kahn
    She is a huge inspiration and I like having her around. I love her hand placement and her nails in this. Very Streisand.
  8. What I learned while making this list : I need help with organization 😳
    I have some work to do.