She's also super annoying and like a total mom about everything but mostly, Claudia Wepper, is awesome
  1. She looked like this
  2. Oh yeah, and like this
  3. And like this
  4. She has always encouraged and supported my career choice
    She never, not once, suggested I try something else.
  5. She always shows up
    Literally and figuratively.
  6. She's unintentionally hilarious
    She called Uma Thurman, Eva Turban and Naomi Watts, Naynoni Naan
  7. She's honest
  8. She's shy but strong
    Emotionally but also strong in a yoga way. Bb has been a yogi for almost 30 years.
  9. She has great taste
  10. She made us sit for portraits and now we have this gem
  11. She gave me a big bro
  12. She gave me a little sis
    an angsty teen. kewl as hell.
  13. She likes the music I like
    For the record, it was TRUFFLE BUTTER
  14. She went to Studio 54 on the regs with my dad
    Always got in no problem.
  15. She loves me
    And that's v chill and totally works for me
  16. Also this