We're two idiots. @mwepper and I have fun!
  1. My phone Christine Daaé'd
    My phone died. (Christine Daaé is the female protagonist in Phantom of the Opera (duh))
  2. When are you Susan G. Komen to pick me up
    When are you coming to pick me up.
  3. You're a a real Liza Minnelli
    You're a liar
  4. Let's just take an Hubert de Givenchy.
    Lets just take an uber. (👆full name of fashion designer and founder of the House of Givenchy (duh))
  5. IKEA
    I can't even. (ALL CREDIT FOR THIS ONE GOES TO @sarahschussheim)
  6. I don't know, it's kind of up in the Erin Brokovich
    It's kind of up in the air
  7. I'm Donatella Versace
    I'm done
  8. Stop the gorilla
    Stop it!
  9. What're you Laura Dern?
    What are you doing?
  10. It's time to go to D
    Time to go to Disney
  11. I'm d
    I'm depressed
  12. Let's have Ds
    Let's have drinks
  13. I want a Martini Navratilova
    I want a martini. (You should know who Martina Navratilova is FYI). For the record, @mwepper made this one up yesterday on the fly over text 🙏)
  14. The episode will be On Demand-y Moore
    The episode will be On Demand