I luh deez mamis.
  1. Cate Blanchett - ELIZABETH
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    This was the first movie I'd ever seen CB in and I saw it after she lost the Oscar to Goop (Shakespeare in love) and I was like 😱😱😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡 she didn't win the Oscar for this incredible performance?
  2. Meryl Streep - MANHATTAN
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    She's so baller in this movie. She gives zero fucks about her ex's crisis and is like "ok? Cool? I'm a lesbian and my gf and I want you to leave our son here so k thanks bye. And also, real quick, that book I wrote about our marriage is gonna come out and it's not a super chill portrayal of you. K bye now for real."
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    I wish I were Helen Sinclair EVERYDAY
  5. Madeleine Kahn - YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN
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    My favorite comedy. Please watch the scene where she drops Frankenstein, or rather FRONKENSTEEN at this point, off at the train station (he is off to Transylvania nbd) and revel in her genius physicality and her ability to emotionally change gears in the moment. She will not let Frederick touch her although they are having the most intimate and loving convos.
  6. Holly Hunter - THE PIANO
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    Mami doesn't even utter a word and kills it. Also, I see you Harvey keitel 😘 keeping it 💯in the nudie and face tattoo department. PS kewl hat kewl hairdo HH
  7. Cecilia Roth - TODO SOBRE MI MADRE
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    People, Almodóvar is my dawg. This movie really has everything and Cecilia Roth does a lot of heavy lifting with such grace and humor and it makes me v happy to be a woman.
  8. Rosalind Russell - HIS GIRL FRIDAY
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    This performance is so timeless its cray. She isn't bogged down at all by the rhythm and style that comes with screwball comedy. She's talking a mile a minute, going toe to toe with Cary grant, all while being hilarious and ballsy as fuuuuq. Is she a precursor to Murphy Brown? PS sup, hat, jacket, thin bolo combo?