1. The Royal Tenenbaums
    Goop gets off the bus and Luke Wilson is like whoa nelly I still luh this chick. Nico's "these days" plays over goop's slow motion walk towards Wilson. It's very special and it's a beautiful way to evoke time standing still.
  2. Erin Brokovich
    First of all, Julia Roberts is absolutely brilliant in this (in my opinion, OKAY?!) and the scene where a mustachioed pony-tailed Aaron Ekhart is with his biker buddies and is like yo bb what's your number and then J Robs is like 10 is how many months my baby is, 6 is how old my son is, 2 is the number of times I've been married and divorced...the list of numbers goes on 👏👏👏
  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    SPOILER ALERT: the last scene of the entire film. Kate winslet just heard her tape where she says Jim Carey is hella boring and annoying. She feels terrible and storms out of the apt. Carey catches up with her and they both admit that although they know how bad it ends they're still drawn to one another. Carey's boyish shrug at the end has you thinking that Carey's JOEL rather feel something than nothing at all 😩😪 cue: real tears y'all
  4. Casper
    DEVON SAWA (!!!) walking down the stairs of his house to join the party and talk to Cristina Ricci now that he's been transformed into a human boy for the night. You guys, I'm pretty sure this was the first time I had feelings (whisper): down there 👇. Devon, the most beautiful boy I'd EVER seen, asks Cristina to dance and as they float he whispers "can I keep you?" Which is their "thing." This moment ruined me--made me think all future boyfriends would look and be like Devon Sawa as Casper.
  5. Michael clayton
    The Tilda and Clooney showdown at the end. Pretty epic. Tilda every time all the time times infinity
  6. The last of the Mohicans
    Madeleine stowe's sister is like aw hell nah I'm outtie and is debating whether to throw herself off a cliff because everything just got waaaaay out of hand. Daniel day Lewis is running through the forest to try to save her but his long locks aren't making him very aerodynamic and well...you'll have to watch. This movie's score is incredible and it is full blast during this scene.
  7. Hannah and Her Sisters
    This is my favorite movie of all time so the entire thing is one of my favorite moments in film. Deal with it.
  8. Bullets Over Broadway
    Every time Diane Wiest says "Don't speak!" Diane Wiest FOREVER
  9. Amadeus
    Salieri gets his ego checked big time in front of the king when Mozart sits at the piano and fixes Salieri's humble ditty. Amadeus on the spot starts making adjustments to Salieri's lil tune and v casually turns it into a much more impressive piece that will later be in The Marriage of Figaro. The end of the scene is punctuated by Amadeus' incredible high pitched giggle.